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Stephen and I have perfected the phrase "stick with what you know" when it comes to eating out. Although we like to think we are adventurous when it comes to trying new foods...we almost always get something we know we will love. When you don't get the privilege of eating out very often (which we TRY not to do haha) you want security in knowing that the precious money you are forking over is going to leave you filled with food and happiness. 

In other words, we eat out in four different categories: Cafe Rio, Thai food, sushi, and Cafe Rio. (Yes Cafe Rio is intentionally listed twice.) The problem is that when we have a hankering for massaman curry...we haven't known where to go ever since good ole Thai Mango moved to Sandy in 2013.

Over the past year+ we've tried 5 or 6 different Thai restaurants, but never really settled on which one was the best because we went so sporadically. I've been talking forever about how I wanted to get the same curry dish from a bunch of different places and then have a blind taste test (kinda like I made Stephen do with the peanut butter a couple years ago ;)) and after months and months of talking about it, we finally did it!!

SPOILER ALERT: The results were.... inconclusive.

We ended up only comparing two kinds of massaman because MONEY. You have to consider that we'd already spent almost double what we would have had we instead gone to Cafe Rio, so two was where we drew the line.

First of all, although the container for Thai Village was unquestionably larger, it was not filled as close to the top as the Spicy Thai container while Thai Village did give more curry, it was not as much more as we originally thought.

The reason why it was so hard to choose was because both curry's had aspects that we really liked. For example, the Spicy Thai curry had a lot more "stuff" i.e. carrots, potatoes, onions, peanuts etc. (I know it doesn't really look like that in the picture, but I swear it's true), but the Thai Village curry had a creamier base. The Thai Village curry had more of a coconut taste, but the the Spicy Thai had the perfect amount of "kick" that the other was lacking. Basically we went back and forth a number of times before combining them! HAHA. No joke, we just poured them both into one big bowl and then scraped it clean. As delicious as it was, and as happy as I was that we finally realized this dream I'd been having for forever . . . we never came to a difinitively conclusion as to which was best!!

Where's your favorite place to get Thai food?
(Preferably in the Provo/Orem area!)

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  1. Y'all should try Bangkok Thai on 800 S in Orem! It's still not as good as the beloved Thai Mango, but I do like it a lot!