Merry Happy List: 5

10:10 AM

being invited to the Journey concert with Isaac and Chels! // renewing our Costco membership // finding my driver's license in the Smith's "lost and found" after not having it for over a week // delicious breakfast smoothies // cleaning and dejunking some kitchen drawers that open much more easily now // using this recipe to make chicken that wasn't super dry // JERU reunion at the creamery in celebration of Shayleigh's birthday // when Stephen tried to squirt water into his mouth in the dark, but accidentally squirted it up his nose instead // 4-day work weeks // painting nails and catching up with my JERU roomies // hearing this really impressive self written and produced song by one of my best friends growing up // paying $1.85 a gallon for gas // finishing all 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls (bittersweet, but I do feel like I have much more free time now haha) // hanging out with my grandparents in St. George // playing horseshoes with Stephen // all-you-can-eat sushi (questionable, but definitely worth the $12 dollars) // this Costco pre-made salad // when some of my students heart-attacked my door for Valentines day

Recent Quotes:
After showing my class the completed music video:
Student: "We should, like, hold an assembly and show the entire school!"

Second grade student to her friend, "Are you alright, Miss AJ Huff?"

3rd grade student, repeating this over and over again to himself as he walked outside,"I'm taking a risk and I might miss the bus. I'm taking a risk and I might miss the bus."

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