Merry Happy List: 4

7:20 AM

^^This was taken January 1, all the snow has been melted for weeks!

^^my mom's itty-bitty nativity that's always been one of my favorites for as long as I can remember // when one of my students brought me a 1/4 of a no-bake cookie back from lunch and said, "Here, Mrs. Olson, I brought this for you." // cafe rio twice in one week // HOW WARM IT HAS BEEN THIS MONTH // playing harry potter uno with the sheffields // going through the sodalicious drive-thru and only using pennies and dimes to pay for one drink to share // being asked to be a bridesmaid at my cousin jess' wedding in may {CAN'T WAIT!!!} // sunday naps // purging and cleaning out under the bed/in the closet of our room // the BYU sports hero day field trip the 6th grade classes at my school attended (exhausting but fun - and my class LOVED it) // stephen making me delicious wraps for lunch every day // eating goat cheese cheesecake at a fancy restaurant in salt lake with stephen's dad, sister, and grandpa - we've been on a goat cheese kick ever since! // my cousin sarah coming into my classroom for the day // my student's faces when they found out that the FDA approves a certain amount of bug remains in chocolate bars and peanut butter // going to the UPS store to send a package that was paid for through FedEx - I'm clearly not meant to mail things. TWICE during December I took something to USPS that was supposed to go to UPS! although I do not think my stupidity when it comes to the postal system is particularly merry OR happy, I'm sure someday I will, so it should be documented // attempting to make flatbread with Stephen (who knew all flatbread recipes call for yeast?? doesn't that seem a bit counterintuitive?!) // playing the newlywed game with our park place couple friends for FHE last night

Quotes from the week:

Talking about going to middle school next year,

Student: "Suddenly I wish I could go back to my childhood!"

Talking about hair,
Sophia: "I think if you had long hair it would be pretty."

During reading Bud Not Buddy with a small group at the back table.
Me: "In this section of the reading Bud wants to go to Chicago. Does anyone know what state Chicago is in?"
Student: "I'm pretty sure Chicago is in Nashville."
Me: "I hope you're joking."
(Unfortunately she wasn't.)

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