A Merry Happy List: 3

9:56 PM

matching shirts^^ / when I asked one of my students what book she was reading and she said, "it's kind of old...it's from 2009..." / hazelnut hot chocolate in the vitamix / a freeeezing new years day photoshoot with Tuva and Had / my new toothbrush / gold nailpolish / my saturday shopping spree at target with leftover wedding giftcard money (I might actually cry when I use the last giftcard.) / letting my students play trivia crack as a class reward / the presidency meeting that made me laugh almost to tears while trying not to spit out the NASTY mystery chocolate from the chocolate box / watching Parks and Rec with Stephen / homemade broccoli cheese soup + paninis / when my students were so obsessed with Stephen's toe touch at 1:23 of this video that they had me replay it 4 times / Baby Lewis' baby blessing / costco's fresh uncooked tortillas / watching a first grader chew on his shoelace during reading buddies / angie's kettle corn / pillow-talking with Stephen for 1.5 hours on Sunday night

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  1. You should definitely do a post on the broccoli cheese soup and paninis!

  2. I feel the same way about the last few of our wedding gift-cards...It's like I almost don't want to use them up (but that would be ridiculous) :) I like these posts, I may have to copy this!