City Lights

8:59 PM

When my family was out here during Christmas Break, we decided to take a trip to see the lights on Temple Square. Since there were 26 of us going (including aunts and uncles and cousins) we all took Frontrunner together. Apparently UTA has this sweet deal that you can pay $20 for four people for an unlimited Frontrunner/Trax access. (Thanks for paying, Dad!) I tried to find some impressive statistics about how many lights are used to light up the square, but unfortunately I was unable to find anything of the sort. Needless to say, it was beautiful. And freezing. But it was really fun. Especially watching Stephen and Mckay compete in a jumping race up the stairs in order to keep warm while we were waiting for the train. And then when Jess fell after running up the down escalator...HAHAHA. We were all dying. We only laughed harder a few minutes later when Miriam also fell at the exactly same place after doing exactly the same thing!! I'm cracking up just thinking about it..
^^Tuva read us the first chapter of the Book of Mormon in Norwegian. 

What a wonderful time of year!
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To read about our trip to Temple Square last year, look here. 

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