Black Bats (a)bound.

6:06 PM

Since it's already November (and I took down my classroom halloween decorations last week) I thought I needed to document them because I was pretty proud of how they turned out. My friend Shannon at Elephant and Chick posted about these really cute bats that she and her husband cut out and taped to their wall as a simple and festive halloween decoration. For about .2 seconds I considered cutting the bats out myself and then I remembered....that's what I have 28 students for! #childlabor

I ended up with over 130 bats.... (and I only gave them about 15 minutes to cut) which was WAYY too many. The good news is, I already have a head-start on next year's decorations!

I also had my students create halloween alliterations and an illustration to go with them. I thought they were really fun and the kids seemed to enjoy the activity, too! I wish I had taken more pictures because they were all really creative. 

Some of my other favorites:
+ Creepy cats eat creepy crawlies.
+ Which witch is in which wardrobe?
+ Parker the Pumpkin punched Pinocchio into pieces.
+ Bats bite baseballs, but basketballs bounce on bats.
+ The green, grumpy goblin grabbed some gravel and gruesomely glared at it. (HAHA! That one is definitely my favorite.)

I've decided I kinda do like Halloween after-all,
PS Halloween costume pics coming soon!

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