Wild Wild Wednesday.

10:25 PM

Last Wednesday Stephen and I went to the Fiesta Days Rodeo in Spanish Fork. Neither Stephen nor I had ever been to a rodeo before, so we were glad Bailee and Brady were there to explain what was going on! The evening included: Bucking Broncos, Barrel Racing, Cattle Roping, Equestrian Vaulting, Mutton Busting, American Flags, many pairs of cowboy boots, Brand-name dropping (advertising), Bull Riding, and great company. :)
^^This little guy was the "Mutton Bustin'" Champ! Mutton Busting was my favorite event in which little kids (like the adorable one above) hold on for dear life while a sheep runs full speed into the arena. It was both hiliarious and adorable.^^

Throughout the evening we joked about how it seemed like every contestant in the rodeo was a "World Champion!" (Seriously, I think the announcer probably said the phrase "World Champion" at least 30 times...which is especially impressive considering there were probably less than 100 contestants...) 

The night finished off with the famous (and much anticipated) bull-riding event. Unfortunately, the bulls were abnormally angry/vicious/crazed, so only two riders were able to stay on for the required 8 seconds! ...either that, or the contestants weren't quiiiite of the world-class caliber we were led to believe. ;)

It was a very memorable and enjoyable night :)
Thanks for inviting us Bailee & Brady!

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