Amazing Grace.

4:37 PM

This fourth-of-july weekend was tons of fun! Stephen and I went up to Grace, Idaho with our friends Bryce and Melissa, and Isaac and Chelsee. It was so much fun relaxing, four-wheeling, exploring around the farm, playing Taboo, swimming in the pond, laying (lying?) on the hammock, eating delicious food, watching fireworks, playing with puppies, and staying up wayyy too late chatting about toilet paper! It was also fun re-visiting the spot where Stephen and I got engaged last April :) According to Chels, we are all officially "real friends" now that we've taken a roadtrip together, even though we've all known each other well over a year. haha.
Grace Weekend from Hannah Olson on Vimeo.
I'll be honest - I don't know how entertaining this video will be for other people. I mostly made it to document our trip and learn a little bit about GoPro cameras (which are surprisingly good quality!). This was filmed with a GoPro Hero 3+ Black. 

Grace Trip, 2013 :)

Thanks for the wonderful weekend, guys!

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  1. My husband is from Grace, How did I not know that you were engaged there? Sounds like an awesome weekend :)

    1. How did I not know your husband is from Grace?! What a small world! haha