Last Day of Work + Too Many Hashtags

11:04 AM

Today is officially my last day of work in the Multi Media Lab. In just a few short weeks I will be responsible for twenty-something 6th graders and expected to fill their inquisitive minds with knowledge regarding a plethora of different topics. 


My time will now be filled with putting the finishing touches on my classroom, attending New Teacher Orientation, District Development Days, an Olson Family Reunion, and a week soaking up the sun at Lake Powell. #mylifeishard ;)

Anyway - back to the MMLAB. I will seriously miss working here! I have learned so so so much during the past year and have LOVED every second of it. Having this job was such a HUGE blessing. I'm still so grateful to Stephen for pushing me to apply for it last summer when I was 100% sure I wasn't qualified. Let's be honest - I wasn't qualified, but the fact that I got the job anyway was proof that prayers are heard and answered. #imamormon

Although I won't be working in the Lab, I have no doubt that I'll spend my free time here during the next few years! (Not that I'm planning on having much free time during the next 8+ months...) I really want to keep up the skills I have been able to develop and work on improving them. Plus, the resources of the lab are just TOO GOOD to not utilize. AND, the employees are phenomenal. #ifisaysomyself
(These pictures were taken on our supervisor Shay's last day of work during Winter semester. Although it's not very up-to-date and not everyone is pictured - it's the only one I could find.) 

Conflicting emotions aside, I'm very excited for the adventures that await!

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  1. Is that the headband you made?

    1. Yes ma'am! I was going to say something about that in the post, but I forgot. haha. I like it, I just wish it was a lot thicker. I might try to make another one :)