Symphonies & Shiny Things

10:46 AM

Yesterday we lucked out and got free tickets to the Utah Symphony's Performance at the Scera Shell (thanks Aunt Lisa's friend!). I wasn't totally sold on going because I was really tired, but when I told Stephen about the tickets he said he would really like to go - and I'm so glad we did!

What was the best part? 

Maybe it was singing along to the Disney songs and watching Stephen laugh as I messed up the worlds to "I Can Show You The World."

Or playing the Charades app during intermission.

Maybe it was the GORGEOUS gold-sequin dress that the guest performer Jenny Oaks Baker wore during the last few numbers. Seriously, that's the stuff every-girl-that-loves-shiny-things dreams' are made of. (It looked something like this.)

Or perhaps it was taking turns making weird faces to the beat of this fast-beat-folk-type song. (I almost snorted I was laughing so hard.)

Of course having the perfect excuse to snuggle up to Stephen when the sun went down and he got a little chilly didn't hurt either ;) (He mocked me for bringing THREE blankets, but he was grateful!! :))

Oh how I love my life!

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  1. Justin and I would have loved to have gone, but...we were sadly occupied with other (not fun) adventures...