A Poem for Pops.

11:57 AM

I know a man, whose brother is Stan, he's quite the noble soul
He's the father of six -- the perfect mix ;) -- and his hands are often full.

Yes this man of whom I speak is my father dear,
He loves *his wife, his kids, his lawn - that much is quite clear.

He's the man for good "dad jokes" that'll make you laugh until you're blue:
"Hi Hungry, I'm Greg,"  "Does your face hurt?", "Marry you??!!!" - just to name a few.

He spends all night doing his hair and makes it look real good
And he'll always lend a listening ear, just like every father should.

If you're ever in need of something to do, I know just what he'll say,
he'll suggest for you to "piddle in your shoe" and send you on your way. :)

On the grill, he is a whiz, his burgers can't be beat,
and seeing him play with his grandkids is a treat that's oh so sweet.

He responds to Pops, Papa, Dad, Sir-Laughs-A-Lot, and Daddio,
but no matter what you call him - at being a father he's a pro.

*author's original words were "his kids, his lawn, his wife, but others suggested the three should be in order ;)
Thanks for always being such a great example to me, Dad. You are the most hardworking, dedicated and creative man I know. You love to laugh and make people happy to be around you. 
I love you, Dad, happy Father's Day!
PS I would be doing a GRAVE disservice if I didn't also mention my sweet father-in-law who helped raise the man of the dreams! Happy Father's day to you as well, Dad, and to Stephen - the father of my future children :) 

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