A Jolly Jaunt.

8:40 PM

(Photo cred: Hadley Bea)
Friday evening, Stephen and I were in need of some fun plans, when my cousin Hadley called me and asked if we wanted to take her and some friends to Bridal Veil Falls. It sounded like a good time to me since I haven't been in a really long time and we've been having some seriously great weather lately! Stephen and I enjoyed feeling a bit like parents driving a car full of kids ranging in age from 10-16 and then "hiking" up to the waterfall with them. (I put "hiking" in quotes because if you know me, you know I am MOST DEFINITELY NOT a hiker -- the "jaunt" up to the waterfall took less than 10 minutes ;))

After we spent some time at the waterfall, we went back to my Aunt and Uncles' house for hotdogs and breadsticks!

Thanks for the invite, Had! And thanks for taking the pics :) 

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  1. Yeah, you guys are definitely the cool sister and brother-in-law!