A Sushi Tale.

11:07 AM

So here's the thing: I LOVE SUSHI.

There's really no reason in the world why I should like sushi. I mean, it contains things like: tuna, eel, salmon, crab, tobiko (who even knows what that is) and then is wrapped in seaweed? Are you kidding?? GROSS.

My whole life (up until a couple years ago) I had run from the stuff like the plague. But finally I had a good friend (Sarah Croft Nightingale) who FORCED me to try it. She sat me down, ordered me "the good stuff" and then waited patiently until I worked up the courage to eat it. 

My life has been forever changed since that day.
(Call me dramatic, but it's true ;))

Unfortunately, Stephen does not share my passion for sushi.

 Every time I casually drop hints about wanting to go...it is to no avail. Either he's clueless or he's totally avoiding the stuff (I believe it's an honest combination of both). And he always brings up the same arguments I had made for so many years: sushi's gross, I don't like seafood, it smells bad.. etc.

(I will give him credit for the one time he caved and we raced to Happy Sumo, only to find out there was a two hour+ wait. A tragedy indeed.)


It was February, 14 2014 (also known as Valentines Day) and Stephen decided he was ready to give this sushi business a final go. We patiently waited for the required two hours (they weren't taking reservations in Valentines day) by hanging out in the Google Fiber Store watching the Olympics (curling actually, since we're pros now) and wandering around the Riverwoods Mall. 

Finally the time came.

We ordered. I was both nervous and excited. I was FINALLY getting sushi again (for the first time in almost a year!) but I was also very aware of the fact that if this didn't go well, Stephen's fate with sushi would be sealed forever. We each chose a roll and then ordered a simple chicken dish just in case all went terribly awry. And then, in the moment of truth: I watched Stephen's expression closely, 


I realize (as my dad kindly pointed out) that Stephen could have been lying, since it was Valentines Day, after all. BUT I like to think I know my man pretty well and I would have been able to tell if he was faking it. AND, we actually had an "intense discussion" (haha) over who got the last piece. Which, to me is saying something.

(Sushi restaurants are not very well lit, so I apologize for the less-than-perfect photo.)

I'd say that Stephen and my first Valentines Day (ever) was a HUGE success! 

The real sushi test comes when we go back for MORE! (Tonight?)

Also, while writing this post I couldn't help but be reminded of this:
Mom, Dad, Joseph, Sarah, Rebekah: Did you quote this a lot when I was little or something? Because I don't remember this commercial, but I remember the quote, "Mikey, he likes it!" (Which isn't really the real quote anyway haha.)

Sushi double date soon?
Count us in!

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  1. I remember it being quoted a lot, but I don't think I ever saw the commercial on TV. I know I've seen it before but I can't remember when. Sorry, not much help! =)