Peanut Butter Brat.

9:59 AM

Of all the wonderful amazing things that my dear husband is...there is one particular trait of his that simply makes me laugh.

Stephen is, undoubtedly, a peanut butter brat. 
(And I say that in the kindest, most loving way possible ;)) 

Stephen will ONLY eat (chunky) Skippy brand peanut butter. 

Even though it is significantly more expensive than the off-brands, I (being the selfless, wonderful wife that I am ;)) allow him to pay an arm and a leg for his hoity toity peanut butter, and then buy the off-brand stuff for myself. 

On Sunday while I was eating a tasty snack of apple slices with my cheap off-brand peanut butter, Stephen made a sarcastic remark insulting my butter of the peanut variety. (The nerve!) 
That was when genius struck.

I got out both jars of peanut butter and made him close his eyes. I then gave him a small bit of "Sample A" peanut butter. After sitting for a few moments really taking in the flavor he said,
"That's definitely my Skippy."

He was then instructed to cleanse his mouth with some cold water, after which he was presented with "Sample B." Again, he took his time really evaluating the flavors and said,
"The aftertaste in that one wasn't as good. That was your gross kind." 

Well, ladies and gents. You guessed it:


Now I just have to convince him of the fact that I did NOT fudge the results!!!! 

*In Stephen's defense, he did say that he hoped I was telling the truth because then we'd save a few bucks in peanut butter expense every month.* (haha)

(Also, need I point out how handsome he is - especially in his nice sunday clothes??)

The Peanut Butter battle isn't over!!!

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  1. Haha! Jared does this with cereal. You'll never see any Marshmallow Matey's around here. Boys . . .

  2. that's funny... so your prices might be different than ours, but the 2-pack of skippy at Costco was the same price as the store brand at walmart--just thought I would mention that :)