by the numbers.

7:10 PM

FOURTY-FIVE days until the official start of winter. The snow can stay far far far far far far away until then.

FOURTY-THREE degrees is about the average temperature of our apartment these days. (Not really - but it feels about that cold (or colder!)). Good thing we love to snuggle! :)

TWENTY-THREE first graders keep me busy and laughing all day long.

TWENTY-TWO days until Thanksgiving #nothatimcountingoranything

NINETEEN minutes is all the time I spend getting ready in the morning. Up at 6:53 out the door by 7:12. Professionalism at its finest. All those years of getting ready as fast as possible for early morning seminary really will pay off when entering the real world.... (Who knew?)

TWELVE little students calling "Mrs. Olson, Mrs. Olson" every five seconds. (The remaining 11 call me a combination of "Mrs. Orson" or "Teacher.")

TEN days since my last blog post. WOOPS. (I've been busy...)

NINE loose teeth were witnessed by me at school today. Once Lilly showed me hers, it was like a free for all. Kids were pouring in on all sides to show off their tiny wiggly teeth.

EIGHT hours a day spent to/from/at Rosamond Elementary School. It's basically like an eight hour party every day that leaves me so incredibly exhausted I don't even know what to do with myself when it's over...

SEVEN times a day I'm reminded how much fun it is to be a teacher. Last week I just observed all day long and I was worried was soooo booorrriinngggg. (Yikes.) But the more teaching I do, the more excited I get to do more teaching. I'll take this as a good sign.

SIX intramural games Stephen played that I DIDN'T attend so far this semester - making me (yet again) worthy of the worst wife award. (I'm lucky he's so understanding.)

FIVE (times 100 + 40) minutes have been spent watching BBC's Sherlock. Stephen and I discovered the show a couple weeks ago (thanks to his Accounting professor) and we may or may not be addicted. We buzzed through the six one-and-a-half-hour episodes much too fast and are now anxiously awaiting January 19th and the start of season 3.

FOUR too many batches of chocolate chip cookies. (Oops?)

THREE guided reading lessons have now been taught by yours truly on "bossy e." If you are unfamiliar with first grade lingo and don't seem to recall what "bossy e" is - I'll give you a hint: It's in the words: care, cape, hate, rate, late and more ;)

TWO times I said "you guys" during my lesson-observation this week. WOOPS. Loss of professionalism points! I've been making an extra effort to say "friends" or "boys and girls"since Monday....

ONE sweater is all I got when Stephen and I went shopping this weekend for teacher clothes. I couldn't find ANYTHING that fit what I was picturing. Meanwhile Stephen walked away with pants and a sweater...

ZERO pumpkins were carved this year. (Well I mean between Stephen and myself.) Halloween just kinda came and went! Maybe we'll set the goal to do pumpkins next year...

Oh what a life I'm livin, 

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  1. love every part about this. who knew we'd actually love practicum? all our fears down the drain

    1. but actually after reading your posts about practicum I feel like our experiences are SOOOO different. We'll have to compare someday :)

  2. hey miss! I just found your blog!
    you and your hubby are adorable. and love the dates idea. very darling. xoxo