Three Cheers For Olsons!

11:18 AM

(This is part one of the “I have so much to catch up on” blog series since I’m almost officially an entire month behind...yikes.)

On Saturday August 1st, Stephen and I woke up brriiiight and early and drove to the quaint and lovely town of Vernon, UT. Stephen tried to prepare me multiple times for what to expect upon entering the itty-bitty town (population 250)…but I was still shocked. That place is SMALL. I wish I had taken a picture of the one-room-school-house-looking-building that holds  all students grades K-12. Fortunately I did snap a pic of the ridiculous slash incredible looking monster truck that greeted us as we rounded the corner into town. :) From first sight I knew I was going to really enjoy this charming little place.

We arrived just in time for breakfast. After a little bit of socializing and a lot of eating it was time for the kids races/games which was the event of the day that Stephen and I had been put in charge of. The kids seemed to have a lot of fun participating in the crazy games Stephen and I had come up with, and we sure had a lot of fun watching! (Especially the three-legged race.)


Although we were only able to stay for a few hours, it was really fun to meet a lot more of Stephen's family and visit with those I had already met. I thought the best part of the morning was when Stephen's Uncle Jeff had a surprise for Grandpa. I guess 15 years ago, Grandpa Olson started writing a book about their ancestor Seymour Brunson. He finished writing it about a year ago but didn't anticipate being able to see it actually get published because it often takes books years to get published and Grandpa recently turned 93! Uncle Jeff, however, had received the VERY FIRST publication of the book in the mail the day before, and he brought it to Vernon to present to Grandpa. It was a very powerful and emotional moment, and I was glad to be there to witness it. I'm so grateful to have married into such a strong and wonderful family!

PS To see an preview of Grandpa's book check here. Seymour Brunson was a good friend to the Prophet Joseph Smith and was mentioned in the Doctrine & Covenants 124:132.
PPS The title of this blogpost comes from the first verse of the Olson Reunion Song written by my in-laws in 2006 :) 

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