Three Years Running

11:18 PM

I really wasn't planning on making a Christmas music video this year. Beside the fact that I don't actually have anything to use to record video (other than my phone), I just figured things were going to be too crazy with it being my first Christmas in Iowa and just didn't seem very reasonable.

BUT, while I was watching Emilee's Christmas music vid Miriam (who was in CA at the time) texted me asking me if we were going to make one. Coincidence? I most certainly think not. So it simply had to be done.

I am absolutely in denial about the fact that this break is almost over. I feel like it's just beginning! It has all been so perfect and I am so grateful and blessed that I got to spend these short weeks with Stephen's family as well as my own :) I feel pretty spoiled actually. Everyone has been so generous to Stephen and me. I am dreading going back to Provo and re-entering reality (school, work, and a freezing cold apartment).

....But anyway, back to the good stuff! Merry Christmas :)

PS In case you missed our last years' video feel free to check it out here :) 
(Apparently the one from two years ago was removed from YouTube due to copyright infringement. WOOPS.)

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