Picture Lacking.

10:59 PM

12 apples have been consumed by Stephen and me in the last week. (We found the BEST apples at Lolo's. I dream about them.)
11 games of Ruzzle played by Stephen since getting his iphone last Thursday. (He would like it to be known that he hasn't lost yet.)
10 dollars spent on my haircut last week at Aveda hair school. (Really good deal...It just took about 3 hours.)
9:55 a.m. our goal of being at church five minutes early is going relatively well....
8 times a day I'm grateful that I can finally text Stephen with emojis. IT IS SO EXCITING.
7 intramural games so far this semester. (We've already missed three.)
6 times a day I check instagram. I'm a bit of an addict.
5 weeks until the start of my 3-6 practicum. I'm REALLY excited!
4 cups of coconut rice made by Isaac and Chels that we willingly helped them eat.
3 days until the start of February. Man how time flies!
2 hundred million times a day I'm grateful for my dear sweet husband ;)
1 time Stephen beat Isaac at Harry Potter Quiz up. (A moment that will go down in history I'm sure.)
0 The number of people that showed up to my "iMovie Basics" class last Saturday because I forgot to list it on the public library calendar. HAHA

PS I really didn't mean to do this, but I subconsciously stole this numbers idea from my friend Emilee a while ago. WOOPS. All cleverness credit goes to her.
PSS I promise to post a real post with pictures and all that stuff soon :)

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