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I didn't think having a job was going to be an option this semester because of my crazy school schedule. For the month of November I will be going daily to Jordan School District and unable to work from 7:00 am - 4:00 pm.

BUT, when Stephen and I got back to Provo and real life started (we started talking about our budget)...I realized how much having a job could potentially help our newly-wed situation.

I decided to stop by the Media Lab in the library and and ask if by some slim chance they were hiring. When I had been there a month previous (editing the video I made for our luncheon/reception) I overheard the employees talking about openings for fall. To my surprise, they were still looking to hire one more person.

With much love and encouragement from Stephen - I sent in a resume.

It was after I sent in the resume that I saw the job description posted on the BYU job's website:

"In your email please include how you would rate yourself in the following programs: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, Premier, After Effects, Audacity, Final Cut, and Blender (or other 3d editing software)."

I literally laughed out loud - I'd only heard of a handful of those programs - let alone used them. I realized then exactly how unqualified I was, and how silly I was for even applying. (Not to mention the fact that I can't even work from 7-4 during the month of November.)

That night I voiced to Stephen how I was feeling. He was completely unsympathetic. "Hannah. You are good at that stuff. I know you can do it," He said. (Rude.)

The next morning I received an email back from the supervisor that said, "I noticed you're a senior in EL ED, does that mean you're in practicum this semester?" (Oh great. I thought. Even if I'd had a shot at the job before I'm sure I won't now because of my crazy schedule.)

Miraculously, I was still asked to come in for and interview, and to my utmost disbelief - the following morning I was offered a job.

OH my tender mercies.

Am I intimated by what I'm supposed to be doing? Absolutely.
Am I intimidated by many of my coworkers who know far, far, FAR more than I do? You bet.
Am I intimidated by the film, graphic design, and advertising majors who frequent the lab? Without question.

BUT. Am I thrilled to learn about all of these incredibly cool programs and expand the small skill set that I do have? Thrilled is an understatement!

I am so grateful for this opportunity and blessing the Lord has given me to develop my talents.

I'm so grateful for Stephen encouraging me to do something that pushed me beyond my comfort zone. (It seems like he has a habit of helping me pursue my dreams - like when he gave me the courage to pursue Elementary Education.)

Sometimes it's good to be stretched.

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  1. I agree with Stephen. You're brilliant! You can do it! They're lucky to have you!