Written by Stephen: Although you won't ever catch Hannah listening to music, she isn't shy to show off her singing talent. Among her favorites are "I Love to See the Temple" and "We Are Different," and an occasional tune from the radio sung with whatever words manage to pop into her head at the moment (which usually aren't the right ones). She's happy, cheerful, and friendly, and it's almost a guarantee that she has some sort of mutual friend or hometown connection with everyone she meets. Her hobbies include photography, film making and editing, blogging, and making her constant food cravings become delicious realities. She prides herself in making Stephen feel like the hottest, most romantic man alive, and also in her ability to sleep through local tsunamis, earthquakes, and nuclear bomb explosions. And her puns are VERY cheesy.

Written by Hannah: Other than being "freakin' hot" (as Stephen was recently described by a high-schooler) Stephen is a man of many talents. He's incredibly smart and once had the nickname "Mr. Grammar Whiz" (or so he claims). He's also a sports enthusiast and a true Iowa Hawkeyes' fan. (Which makes sense considering he is an Iowa Hot Guy himself. bahaha ;)) He loves Hannah's cheesy puns almost as much as he loves intramurals and sponge bob. He takes pride in his ability to make Hannah laugh herself to tears.

The photos above were taken by the fabulous Lora Grady.