10:00 PM

This evening, entirely unprompted, you grabbed a book off of the shelf and took it to the couch to read to Elliott while Dad and I were finishing up dinner. You draped a burp rag over your legs like a tiny blanket and flipped through the pages of the book, showing Elliott the animal on each page and making their sound. When you finished the first book, you wrapped the "blanket" around Elliott and walked across the room to the bookshelf to get another. The stack of books next to you grew as Dad and I watched, and we silently mouthed to each other just how blessed we are to have two incredible babies, not wanting to ruin the moment by making a peep. We smiled and each other and agreed (yet again) that you are, without a doubt, THE BEST big sister.
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  1. Having siblings are the biggest blessing itself and then If you have an elder sister then you are extra ordinary lucky,because elder sister always acts like a mother and takes a good care of yourself.