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Stephen and I were some of the first of our friend group to start having kids, and while we are by no means experts, we have learned a thing or two about the newborn stage that I would have loved to know sooner. Recently, many of our friends have announced that they are expecting, so I wanted to make a quick video with a few things that we've found helpful with our two kiddos. 

The problem with making videos like this is that somewhere between the filming and the posting I think of about 10 more things I wish I had included, so I've already started a list of things to include in my PART II video on the same topic. 😂 


Below are (affiliate) links to some items I mentioned in the video, as well as a few other items you might find useful!

The swing we are currently borrowing (Elliott LOVES it):

SleepSack Swaddle: <-- I forgot to mention that it's important to be care of what you put in a load of laundry with a velcro swaddle because it's very likely the velcro will attach to another article of clothing and may cause some damage depending on the material 😬

I mentioned that I like to keep my newborns right next to me, and I do this by a combination of cosleeping and using my co-sleeper crib:

The wrap I have:

A carrier I've heard people LOVE:

Can you think of anything else I should be sure to include in my next video?! Thanks for watching!
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  1. I use cloth diapers for burp rags and I absolutely love them, but I want to try the flour sack rags now too! Also, the dim night light would be a game changer! Lamps are too bright!

    1. Agreed about lamps!! And I never would have thought to use cloth diapers! That is so smart!

  2. Thanks for Sharing this blog.Very important blog everyone can see this.While searching wraps lux i came to know this.

    1. Thanks for watching! Glad you liked it :)