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After years of seeing the picturesque photos pop up on my social media feeds...we finally made it to the capitol to take pictures! And thankfully (even though I tend to have too high of expectations for these things) the blossoms lived up to the hype! They are truly stunning. So beautiful, in fact, I found a reason to go Thursday, Friday and Sunday of last week!

Of course, on Sunday, when we were planning on meeting my cousin Sarah there to do a little photo-taking swap...the chaos of attempting to take family photos ensued. Having the pleasure of often taking photos for other families, I'm no stranger to the notion that stress permeates the words "family photos," but I guess I thought that since I take casual family photos all the time we would somehow be exempt?!


I already posted about the whole fiasco on instagram, but basically about 10 minutes before we needed to leave, I put Lydia in the dress I was planning on having her wear and it was WAY TOO SHORT. Either she grew a solid 4 inches within the last three weeks, or I shrunk it in the wash... 🙄. I frantically called one of my neighbors with a daughter roughly Lydia's size and thankfully she had one we could borrow, but it set us back time-wise and I'm sure I said more than a few unkind things to Stephen in the car on the way there😬🙈 (sorry babe, you're a saint!). When we got to the capitol I went to put Lydia's shoes on. . . and could only find one. After searching through the whole car and basically dumping the contents of the diaper bag on the back seat, it was confirmed: we only had one shoe. (The other one was waiting for us in the parking lot of our apartment complex upon our return.) Of course with all of the chaos going on, I totally spaced re-doing Lydia's hair after her afternoon nap, AND it was much chillier than I had expected so poor Lydia (with her one barefoot) let us know she was done after about 10 minutes. HA. Oh, and I had chipped, bright pink fingernail polish on two fingers that I fully intended to remove before taking these photos...

Despite all of the craziness and stress, I'm still a huge advocate for family photos. I'm in love with my people and our current stage of life, so any preservation of our family as it currently stands is something I'll gladly sign up for. (Stress and all.)

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  1. I guess the kudos go to Sarah Kimball, but I would never have known from those pictures that Lydia was missing a shoe. :) And cute dress Hannah!

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