Lydia-isms (One Month)

5:46 PM

One of my favorite bloggers occasionally posts funny things her kids do/say and she calls them "Eleanorisms" and "Samsonisms." I always enjoy reading them, so I thought I would start to do the same thing for Lydia. Obviously she can't talk, so for the next few years they probably won't be quite as entertaining as the ones I've read, but this is mostly a way to record funny and endearing things about Little Lydia.


Sleeping. She usually freaks out for about an hour before we try to go to bed, but once we get her down, she wakes up twice to eat during the night and other than that she doesn't make a peep. She has spoiled us for sure. She also loves sleeping in the boba wrap and in her carseat--as long as the car is moving.

Cough-crying. It sounds like a fake cough while she cries. It's both hilarious and sad at the same time.

Rocking the baby mullet. (Hey, at least she has hair! :))

Dark blue/grey eyes. We check them every day to see if they're changing, but so far they are still looking blue to me.

Sneezing in threes.

Covering her mouth when she sneezes (sometimes). I'm like 99% sure it's a reflex, but I find it adorable. 

Pooping and farting with the best of them. 

Humming in her sleep. 

Snoring, snorting, and grunting (while sleeping and eating).

Letting out a cry of indignation when she’s waking up (and then proceeding to sleep for another 20 minutes). Stephen says he is already dreading the days she has to get up for early morning seminary.

Hiding lint and fuzz in her rolls of chub.

Stretching ALLL the way out! If she’s sleeping on my chest/lap and wakes up but can’t stretch out all the way she gets GRUMPY! I’ve found she is much more pleasant when waking up if I put her down where she has space to stretch how she pleases. haha

It's amazing to see little glimpses of her personality at just 5 weeks old! Although I sometimes get sad seeing how quickly she's growing (silly, I know) I'm really excited to get to see more of her personality as she gets older. She's already started to smile a lot more (yes, I realize most of the time it's probably just indigestion, but it still makes my heart melt) and I'm so excited for when we can make her smile and laugh. 
_ _ _

PS To see another glimpse into the first month of Lydia's life be sure to check out this post :)

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  1. The newborn time is so sweet- I'm so glad you're enjoying it! But seriously, it only gets better and better and better.