Passport to Provo

10:30 PM

I don't know what it is about Provo and its incessant need to break world records, but it all started spring of my freshman year when the city broke the record of the World's Largest Water-Balloon Fight. A few years later, someone came up with the bright idea to host the "World's Largest Dodgeball tournament," which not only broke a world record, but also broke a few people's arms and legs as I recall. (Possibly due to the fact that the teams were BYU vs. U of U and it was rivalry week.) This year's record-breaking target was the world's largest scavenger hunt called #passporttoprovo, and for the first time, Stephen and I were able to participate! Tasks included things like picking up trash, taking a selfie with a llama, playing with a puppy, reading an excerpt from a children's book, finding the "Provo Sasquatch," and (our favorite) sampling sweet potato fries from Gurus! Although our team (The Foliage Eaters ®) ended up kind of falling apart just before the event, Stephen, Danielle (aka T-Bone), and I had a ton of fun!

The previous record for the largest scavenger hunt was 900-something participants and this one ended up having 2,079! There were different categories and each team had to complete at least three tasks in each of the categories in order to count for the world record. One of the tasks was going into Allen's Camera and getting your picture taken. All of the people who participated in this task then had their photo included in a photo-mosaic. Can you find us?!?!?

hehe. I'll give you a hint...

(...don't ask me why Stephen is making that weird face ;))

Here's to making history! (at least until the next bunch of people with too much time on their hands break the record again....)

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